How to Deal with Ugly Veins

How to Deal with Ugly Veins

A Concise Treatment Guide

There are many types of spider vessels. Some are caused by serious illnesses, but most are benign and very common. This common harmless variety is known medically as benign hereditary telangiectasia. Spider vessels are very stubborn, small, superficial, purplish-red and blue sinuous markings that appear on the skin and mucous membranes.To the naked eye they appear as permanent red spidery vessels with a prominent center. Venulectasia (blue veins or venules) appear as bluish purplish tortuous markings close the surface of the skin that may bulge during pregnancy. The main causes of spider vessels and venulectasias is largely unknown but genetics, hormones, sunlight, pregnancy, weight gain, prolonged upright position, and propensity for the female gender are thought to play a role in the formation of these unsightly markings.

Regardless of the cause, the end result is an aberration of blood vessels, both the superficial veins and capillaries. This can cause cosmetic and psychological distress and it is best to seek professional treatment.

Vein doctors like your laser skin care, specializes in treating these unsightly vascular problems, so be sure to contact our clinic and explore the options.

Where are Spider Vessels and Superficial Veins commonly found?

* Face

* Neck

* Legs (thighs, knees, ankles and calves)

* Upper Trunk

* Back of hand

* Chest

* Arms

* Outer border of the lip

Home Remedies

1. Be sure to maintain a healthy weight as obesity can lead to engorged vessels.

2. Avoid standing and sitting for prolonged periods and squeeze in a few calf pumping exercises to facilitate blood flow and prevent blood from pooling in one area.

3. Compression stockings are a good way to keep pressure on your leg veins and are a proactive approach to preventing spider vessels.

4. When sitting for long periods, be sure to elevate your legs.

5. Do not cross your legs whilst sitting and avoid clothes that put pressure on your waist and groin.

6. Most importantly, exercise regularly, this will not only prevent spider vessels from appearing, but it will also help in diminishing existing ones.

7. Avoid tanning beds and self-tanners.

8. Avoid exposure of spider vessel prone areas to direct sunlight.

Professional Treatment Options

There are a few methods by which we can manage these superficial vascular problems:

* Sclerotherapy

* Intense pulsed light

* Vascular laser

* Electrosurgery

At our clinic we use very safe, clinically proven and effective treatment strategies that will result in an excellent outcome. Our goal is to achieve maximum cosmetic improvement, with minimal discomfort and long lasting results. So let’s explore what we can do for you.

Laser Vein Therapy

This is a non-invasive, extremely effective and clinically proven approach that will produce maximum cosmetic relief. The side effects are minimal and short lasting, but the benefits are multifold.

Nd-Yag Laser (pulsed dye laser) that has a built in Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) will deliver optimal therapeutic doses of heat to the target blood vessels, destroying them. The cooling device will minimize pain and prevent side effects like redness, mild bruising and swelling. Treatment frequency will depend on the area being treated and extent of lesions. Your cosmetic professional will decide on how many treatments will be required for effective outcomes. Follow-up will be required.

You will need to prepare yourself for laser vein therapy by following these useful guidelines:

* Do not apply emollients or creams and remove all traces of make-up in case of facial laser treatment.

* Be extra vigilant when it comes to sun safety and completely avoid sunbathing as this will impact negatively on the outcome. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 or higher after the procedure.

* Shave legs, arms or back according to what area is being treated.

* Limit smoking and alcohol consumption as both can influence the outcome by delaying the healing process.

* Keep your skin well hydrated and moisturized as dehydrated and dry skin will diminish the chances of a positive outcome, however on the day of the treatment, please do not apply any topical moisturizers.

* Inform clinic staff if you are taking birth control pills or receiving hormonal treatment.

* Wear loose comfortable clothing on the day of the treatment.

* Be well nourished and internally hydrated on the day of your appointment.

* There will be slight bruising which may last a few days so we have some tips that will hasten recovery and minimize bruising.

* Your doctor may prescribe a compression stocking.

* Do not do heavy exercises for two days after the procedure.

* Do not apply external heat or heat releasing topical pain relievers.

* A cold compress will help reduce pain and swelling.

* Avoid the sauna, jacuzzi, hot baths and showers for at least two days after treatment.

* If you notice a blister or crust at the site of treatment, call the clinic.

Sclerotherapy or Microsclerotherapy

This is a highly effective method for managing superficial veins and success rates are 85% or higher. Sclerosant chemicals are injected via tiny needles into the veins. This is the best way to treat venulectasia on the legs, however, we can also treat facial veins using the same method. Venulectasia are often referred to as ‘thread veins’ and are smaller than varicose veins. Thread veins may be accompanied by varicose veins, in which case the larger vessels should be treated first.

You will require multiple sessions and your cosmetic professional will decide on the best course of action. Repeated treatments may be required at 6-12 week intervals. The sclerosant chemicals will initiate an inflammatory response within the walls of the veins, shrinking them.The veins will disappear after a few weeks to a few months after treatment as remnants of the vessels are absorbed naturally by the body.

Below are a few things you need to watch out for two days prior to treatment:

* Stop taking Aspirin and other blood thinners, fish oils, supplements that increase the risk of bleeding.

* Stop taking NSAIDs.

* Avoid alcohol consumption.

* Avoid smoking.

* If you have an infection at the site of treatment, do inform the clinic and postpone the appointment.

* If you feel generally unwell, postpone the appointment until you recover.

* If you suffer from bleeding disorders, please inform the clinic.

There will be a slight tingly or stinging sensation during the treatment and side effects may include redness, swelling and itching for a few hours after the treatment.

Here are some ways you can overcome these mild side effects:

* Cotton wool pads will be applied to the site of injections by the doctor.

* Grade 2 graduated compression hoses should be worn for a few weeks.

* Resume your normal daily chores but avoid prolonged sitting or standing.

* High impact aerobics and strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least two days following treatment.

* Avoid the sauna, jacuzzi, hot baths and showers for at least two days after treatment.

* Keep the treated area cool.

* Avoid sunlight exposure and maintain sun safety.

* It’s best not to swim in chlorinated pools for at least a week after treatment.

* Polysporin and warm compresses will help with pain, swelling and prevent infection.

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